Who am I and what is going on


So this is Lidawma, today is June 26th, 2011 and here is what I’m thinking….

What if? What if? There are so many what if’s. I could ask them all day. What if everyone was kind? What if there was no war? What if all food was good for you? What if we could talk to cows? What if we could travel to other planets? What if we could understand all languages?  What if we had unlimited money? What if we were all living in poverty? Don’t you ever wonder things, random things?

So what if all food was good for us. I think that would be both a good thing and a bad thing. Knowing that anything we want to eat is healthy we might be tempted more to overeat. Even food that is good for us shouldn’t be eaten in mass quantities beyond what our bodies need. And if its all good for us where is the fun in sneaking a treat – but are there any treats when its all healthy? More things to wonder. On the bright side we could eat what tastes good, like chocolate, any time we want without guilt. We could eat ONLY chocolate if we choose because there is no need to endure foul tasting food. So what happens to the foods that people don’t really like the taste of? They would never be eaten. Don’t you eat certain foods only because you know its good for you? I think alot of people do. I’m sure alot of people only eat vegetables for their health benefits. I do like alot of different vegetables but I choose those I like or, sometimes, the ones that are cheapest because I know I ‘should’ eat some kind of vegetables daily. No more! If I can eat anything I want and get the same health benefits I’ll take cheesecake thank you!

Oh, what if our dreams were just an alternate reality? A reality that takes place in another realm but only when we are sleeping. Time is not the same there and neither are the laws of physics. People can fly, pigs can talk, fire can put itself out or start spontaneously. You can move through time and space just by thinking about it and often randomly end up in a different place without thinking about it, things just ‘happen’. It is an unpredictable world where anything can happen and if we learn to control it with our mind we can alter the outcome. But what if we die in the dream, are we really dead… do we stop dreaming or do we get another life; like in video games. I’m going for the multiple lives since we can’t just stop dreaming. And if we get married in a dream, are we really married… are we committing bigamy for being married to someone else in our waking life…

What if? Its a great question to ask yourself when you need something to think about. No more boredom, there’s always a what if.


Comments on: "Ponderings" (2)

  1. talking to cows would be mouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvelous

  2. Wouldn’t it LOL. But I’d be very cawwwwwww-tious about talking to the crows… you’re too funny!

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