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More Crochet stuff

With a new baby coming into the family in September I have been doing some crochet for him. Yes we know it is a boy so it makes it easier for making things in the right colors. It would have been fun to make little girl things again but there are tons of cute boy things too.

DSCN7394 DSCN7396 random 012


These are all for baby Oliver and there will be lots more to come. Unfortunately getting ready to move the end of the month is slowing down my efforts of crocheting. I have found time to start on some new and different projects like this bath pouf (I’m working on my second one) …


as well as some swiffer socks – crocheted covers for my swiffer so I don’t have to buy expensive disposable replacements every time I turn around. I’m trying out a few different designs and will post some pictures when I get a few done.